The last 16 of the UEFA European Football Championship featured an exciting showdown between Austria and Turkey at the Red Bull Arena. In a match full of drama, intensity and physicality, Turkey beat Austria 2-1 thanks to a brace from Merih Demiral. While Austria excelled in possession and shooting, it was Turkey’s clinical finishing that made the difference. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights and key moments of this thrilling encounter.

Austria controlled the game from the start, dominating with 61% of ball possession and 83% passing accuracy. They shot 21 times and won 10 corner kicks, demonstrating their relentless attacking intent. However, Türkiye, with only 39% possession and 6 shots, proved to be more efficient. They seized the opportunity, defended resolutely, and achieved a hard-won victory.

As soon as the game started, the Austrian team started to press high up the pitch in an attempt to impose their game on others. Türkiye, however, has different plans.

In the 15th minute, Demiral scored with a powerful header from a corner kick, giving the Turkish team an early lead.
25 minutes: Austria’s Christoph Baumgartner nearly equalizes the game when his thunderous shot hits the crossbar.
30th minute: Austria’s Stefan Lehner was shown a yellow card for a rough tackle, the first yellow card of the game.
In the 40th minute, Austria continued to exert pressure, but Turkey defended tenaciously, and Türkiye ended the first half 1-0.

The game became more intense in the second half, with both sides trying their best and firing on all cylinders.

50th minute: Michael Gregoritsch equalizes Austria with a pinpoint shot after a clever team move.
65 min: Turkey’s Cengiz Undel receives another yellow card after a heated exchange.
75 min: Merih Demiral scores again, this time with a superb individual finish to put Turkey back in front.
85 min: Austria’s last-ditch attack earns them multiple corners, but Turkish goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır makes a crucial save.
In the 90th minute, the game ended. Both sides received two yellow cards and multiple fouls, which reflected the fierce battle on the field.

Demiral’s brace: Merih Demiral was the hero for Turkey, scoring two goals and showcasing his versatility and skill.
Gregoric’s equalizer: Michael Gregoric’s goal got Austria back into the game and set the stage for the second half.
Physical: This game saw a large number of fouls and yellow cards, highlighting the intensity and physical nature of the game.

At the end of the game, Turkey celebrated a gritty victory while Austria rue the missed opportunity. Turkish coach Şenol Güneş praised the team’s resilience and Demiral’s winning performance. “Merri was outstanding today. His goal and the spirit of our team were key,” he said. Austria head coach Franco Fuda expressed disappointment but acknowledged Turkey’s efficiency. “We controlled possession and had a lot of chances but couldn’t convert them. That’s thanks to Turkey’s clinical finishing,” Fuda said.

What is the final score of the Austria-Türkiye game?

In the end, the Turkish team won 2-1.

Who scored for Turkey?

Merih Demiral scored two goals for Turkey.

Who scored for Austria?

Michael Gregoric scored for Austria.

Where will the Austria vs Turkey match be held?

The game is held at the Red Bull Arena.

How does Austria perform in statistics?

Austria has a ball possession rate of 61%, a passing accuracy rate of 83%, 21 shots, and 10 corner kicks.

How does Türkiye’s statistical data perform?

Turkey has a ball possession rate of 39%, a passing accuracy rate of 79%, 6 shots, and 4 corner kicks.

How many yellow cards were shown in this game?

Each team received two yellow cards.

The match between Austria and Türkiye at the Red Bull Arena is a prime example of the unpredictability of football. Although Austria dominated possession and attack, Turkey ultimately won 2-1 thanks to clinical shooting and tough defense. The heroics of Merih Demiral and the physical intensity of the game made this game unforgettable. As the European Cup progresses, fans can look forward to more exciting games and dramatic moments. Please stay tuned for all the activities and keep the passion for football alive!

By Robin

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