Austria defeated the Netherlands 3-2 in an exciting European Cup match at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. The atmosphere of the game was a roller coaster ride, showcasing the skill and tenacity of both teams. The Netherlands scored an own goal from Doyle Malen, followed by goals from Memphis Depay and Cody Gakpo, but Austria’s Romano Schmid and Marcel Sabitzer came into their own. Decisive role, but the Netherlands failed to secure victory.

The game started with a lively atmosphere, with both teams eager to gain an early advantage. With 53% possession and 83% passing accuracy, the Netherlands initially looked strong. However, Donyell Mullen’s unfortunate own goal gave Austria an early lead, setting the tone for a dramatic game.

In the first half of the game, the two sides competed fiercely and created many opportunities. Austria had 47% of possession and 78% passing accuracy, taking advantage of lapses in the Dutch defense. Donyell Malen’s attempted clearance ended up being an own goal, giving Austria the lead.

Memphis Depay responded quickly for the Netherlands, showing off his clinical finishing to level the scores. The Dutch’s relentless pressure paid off as Cody Gakpo scored to give the Netherlands a 2-1 lead. At the end of the first half, the Netherlands looked dominant, but Austria’s resilience was also evident.

In the second half, the Austrian team fought back again. Romano Schmid’s accurate shot equalized the score, 2-2. The competition intensified with both sides trying to win.

In the final minutes of the game, Austria’s Marcel Sabitzer seized the opportunity in a quick counterattack. His cool and collected finishing sealed the win for Austria and left Dutch fans in disbelief.

Ball possession rate: 53%
Pass accuracy: 83%
Shots: 11

Ball possession rate: 47%
Pass accuracy: 78%
Shots taken: 9

Memphis Depay was outstanding for the Netherlands, scoring key goals and continuing to threaten the Austrian defence. Cody Gakpo also impressed with a goal, highlighting his potential as a future star.

For Austria, Romano Schmid and Marcel Sabitzer played important roles. Schmid’s equalizer and Sabitzer’s late winner demonstrated their importance to the team and their ability to perform under pressure.

Who scored an own goal for the Dutch team?

Donyell Mullen unfortunately scored an own goal.

Which players scored goals for the Netherlands?

Memphis Depay and Cody Gakpo scored for the Netherlands.

Who is the goal scorer for Austria?

Romano Schmid and Marcel Sabitzer scored for Austria, with Sabitzer scoring the winning goal in the final minutes.

What are the ball possession statistics for this game?

The Netherlands had 53% of possession, while Austria had 47%.

How many shots does each team get?

The Netherlands had 11 shots and Austria had 9 shots.

The Netherlands vs. Austria match was an exciting football match with both teams showing their strengths and weaknesses. The Austrian team’s tenacity and excellent tactical ability led to a memorable 3-2 victory. The game was a reminder of the unpredictable and exciting nature of football, where even the slightest mistake can change the course of a game.

By Robin

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