From unprecedented boos in IPL 2024 to non-stop cheers at the T20 World Cup, Hardik Pandya‘s road to redemption in the last six months has been nothing short of remarkable. While a dapper Hardik took to Instagram to share another personal post about the ICC T20 World Cup trophy, the India vice-captain too chose to keep it simple. Hardik added Kanye West’s iconic song “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” as background music. Why? Because Hardik’s critics have been silenced forever, and his haters, as Kanye mentioned on his Grammy-winning graduation album, can’t tell him anything!

When Hardik captained Mumbai Indians (MI) for the first time at home in IPL 2024, Sanjay Manjrekar had told a crowded Wankhede to behave and saw the white-ball It’s no surprise that mavericks thrive on the big stage. From unprecedented boos in the IPL to non-stop cheers at the ICC T20 World Cup, Rohit Sharma’s deputy Hardik has been on the road to redemption over the past six months.

Hardik takes the role of vice-captain in stride. It took the influential all-rounder a while to make it to the Americas ICC T20 World Cup, but once he found his feet, he performed like a crucial cog in the wheel he was destined to be. It must go down in history as one of the moments of the T20 World Cup. This happened after the last ball was delivered, India snatched victory and South Africa lost. After the tears, after the hugs and high fives, after the shock of the robbery was slowly replaced by the joy of being crowned world champion, it happened.

This is not unusual, especially in football. Typically, this happens when a player scores a crucial goal or a goalkeeper makes a great save. In cricket, this is not the case. In the world of Indian cricket, it is almost unheard of. Of course, we’re referring to Rohit Sharma planting a kiss on Hardik Pandya’s cheek, and soon after, Hardik Pandya at Kensington Oval Kensington Oval expertly concluded the final match of the T20 World Cup final. It is a grand event in its own right and the ultimate expression of gratitude and affection from the captain to his mate. The preceding subtext gives it greater meaning and importance. If Hardik had not transformed from the first villain to an undisputed hero after his deathly heroic exploits, he is now back in the public’s favour. Thanks in no small part to his brilliant captaincy.

Things have been a bit tense outside the Indian dressing room for about six months now, ever since Hardik replaced Rohit as Mumbai Indians captain ahead of IPL 2024. Be it MI or the legions of fans of Gujarat Titans, whom Hardik led with aplomb for two years, or Rohit, affable and well-liked, who won five IPL titles as captain.

Rohit took over the captaincy from Ricky Ponting in 2013 and immediately turned around the team’s fortunes by leading them to the title that same year. This sparked a string of extraordinary successes in 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2020, with Rohit becoming the only captain after Mahendra Singh Dhoni to successfully defend the IPL title. Rohit is tactically astute, possesses excellent man-management and leadership skills, and is the people’s captain.

It’s not so much the fact that MI took the captain’s armband away from Rohit as their actions that made the fans angry. If Rohit was involved in this momentous decision, it has yet to enter the public consciousness. MI had every reason to look beyond Rohit, who was also India’s inter-format captain at the time and had just played an outstanding individual role in his side’s run to the 50-over World Cup final at home.

After all, they have the future to think about and there is a big auction ahead of the 2025 season. Hardik was a prodigal son who had led GT to the title on his debut and took them to the finals the following year, and MI saw the perfect candidate to succeed Rohit. Hardik is both a great captain and a brand in his own right, so it makes sense to attract him to the cricketing and marketing side.

Why did Hardik Pandya release the ICC T20 World Cup trophy?

Hardik took to Instagram to post the ICC T20 World Cup trophy to celebrate his and his team’s victory and to the tune of Kanye West’s song “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” to put the critics behind him His people shut up.

How was Hardik Pandya’s performance in the ICC T20 World Cup?

Hardik performed brilliantly and played a vital role in India’s success, especially in the final against South Africa at Kensington Oval.

How did the fans react to Hardik Pandya’s performance?

Fans who initially booed him during IPL 2024 were attracted by his stellar performance in the T20 World Cup and continued to cheer.

Why did MI choose Hardik Pandya as captain instead of Rohit Sharma?

MI sees Hardik as the future given his success with Gujarat Titans and his strong personal brand, which makes him a suitable successor to Rohit Sharma.

How has Rohit Sharma reacted to Hardik Pandya’s success?

After the T20 World Cup final, Rohit Sharma kissed Hardik on the cheek to express his support and love, symbolizing deep friendship.

Hardik Pandya’s journey from being booed in IPL 2024 to becoming a T20 World Cup hero is a testament to his resilience and talent. His performance silenced his critics and won over fans, demonstrating his growth as a player and leader. With the support of teammates like Rohit Sharma, Hardik’s story is one of redemption and triumph, proving that with hard work and determination, you really can’t tell him anything.

By Robin

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