LONDON – June 13, 2024: In an announcement that will shock the sports photography community, Getty Images (NYSE: GETY) has been named the official photography agency for the European Football Championship, commonly known as UEFA EURO 2024, which will take place in Germany held. This prestigious partnership will capture every exciting moment of the game, from the first kick to the last cheer.

As the official photography agency, Getty Images will deploy an elite team of more than 50 photographers in ten German cities. From the opening game on June 14 to the final on July 14, these lens wizards will capture every key moment on and off the pitch. From intense on-field action and behind-the-scenes drama, to joyful celebrations and heartbreaking defeats, there’s everything to look forward to.

“We are delighted to continue building on our decades-long partnership with UEFA to cover the most iconic moments in Europe’s biggest international football competition,” said Ken Mainardis, global editorial director, Getty Images. “With the With the expertise of our award-winning football photographers and industry-leading operations team, Euro 2024 is the perfect opportunity to showcase the capabilities of Getty Images photography.”

With exclusive sideline and behind-the-scenes access, Getty Images photographers will be in the thick of the action. Whether it’s the excitement of the fans, the calm concentration during training, or the sheer joy of lifting the trophy, every shot will be a masterpiece.

Fernando Santamaria, UEFA Photography Manager, emphasized the importance of this partnership: “Getty Images plays a key role in UEFA’s photographic coverage of Euro 2024. The expertise of Getty Images’ photographers and editors will bring the event to life Take it to another level.

Getty Images has been at the forefront of sports photography for 25 years, creating award-winning images and films. Their portfolio includes partnerships with more than 125 of the world’s leading sports leagues, clubs and governing bodies, including FIFA, the International Olympic Committee and Formula 1. , the undisputed leader in sports visual content.

What role does Getty Images play in Euro 2024?

Getty Images is the designated photography agency responsible for capturing all key moments of the event through its team of professional photographers.

How many photographers will Getty Images deploy for Euro 2024?

Getty Images will deploy more than 50 photographers in 10 German cities.

What exclusive access will Getty Images have?

They will have exclusive pitchside and behind-the-scenes access, capturing team portraits, training sessions, on-field action and atmospheric images of fans and the city.

How long will Euro 2024 last?

The competition will be held from June 14 to July 14, 2024.

What makes Getty Images a trusted partner for UEFA?

Getty Images’ decades of expertise, flexibility and ability to deliver high-quality content quickly and efficiently make them a trusted partner for UEFA.

As we prepare for Euro 2024, the partnership between Getty Images and UEFA promises a visual feast for fans around the world. With unparalleled expertise and exclusive access, Getty Images will capture the essence of the event, presenting every moment in vivid detail.

By Robin

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