In a thrilling encounter at the UEFA Euro 2024, Ukraine and Belgium battled to a 0-0 draw at the iconic Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Despite the goalless outcome, the match was anything but boring, showcasing intense action and a fierce struggle for dominance. Unfortunately for Ukraine, this result marked their exit from the tournament, as they were unable to secure the necessary points to advance. Let’s dive into the highlights of this gripping contest.

Game location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium
Final score: Ukraine 0-0 Belgium

Ball possession rate: 40%
Pass accuracy: 83%
Shots: 13

Ball possession rate: 60%
Pass accuracy: 87%
Shots: 12

From the start of the game, both teams showed their intent to dominate. Belgium, known for its attacking prowess, controlled most of the possession with 60% possession, while Ukraine held firm with 40% possession. Despite the disparity in possession, Ukraine managed 13 shots on goal compared to Belgium’s 12, underscoring their aggressiveness.

The Belgian midfield, led by Kevin De Bruyne, orchestrated several promising attacks, but the Ukrainian defense, commanded by Mykola Matviyenko, was resolute. There were several close calls in the first half, with both goalkeepers Andrei Pyatov and Thibaut Courtois making crucial saves to keep their respective teams in the game.

At the beginning of the second half, the pace of the game accelerated, with both teams desperately seeking a breakthrough. Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku came close on several occasions but his efforts were thwarted by Piatov’s heroics between the posts.

On the other hand, Ukrainian striker Roman Yaremchuk is always a threat, using his speed and skill to cause problems for the Belgian defense. Despite creating several clear chances, Ukraine failed to score, much to the dismay of the fans.

With this draw, Ukraine’s journey to Euro 2024 comes to an end. Their failure to score in this crucial game meant they were unable to accumulate enough points to compete for the knockout stages. Despite their early exit, Ukraine’s performance was commendable. They showed resilience and produced moments of brilliance throughout the game.

Ukraine head coach Alexander Petrakov expressed pride in his team’s efforts. “We gave everything we had on the pitch. The lads played with heart and passion but unfortunately we couldn’t get the result we wanted. We leave the game with our heads held high.

Although Belgium dominated possession, they will reflect on their performance with mixed emotions. Their inability to convert possession into goals is a concern as they move forward in the Championship. Coach Roberto Martinez admitted improvements were needed. “We controlled the game well but lacked clinical edge in the final third. If we want to go further we have to finish the game hard.

What is the final score of the Ukraine VS Belgium match?

The game ended in a 0-0 draw.

How do each team perform in terms of ball possession rate and passing accuracy?

Belgium has a ball possession rate of 60% and a passing accuracy rate of 87%. Ukraine has a ball possession rate of 40% and a passing accuracy rate of 83%.

How many shots does each team take?

Ukraine took 13 shots and Belgium took 12 shots.

What does this result mean for Ukraine?

This result means that Ukraine was eliminated due to insufficient points.

Who is the best player in this game?

Players who performed well include Ukraine’s Andriy Pyatov, who made a key save; Belgium’s Kevin De Bruyne, who was in the middle field played an important role.

Although the match between Ukraine and Belgium ended in a draw, it was full of excitement and showed the spirit of European football. Ukraine exited the European Cup with dignity and their performance entertained and inspired many. Belgium advanced but also served as a reminder that football is unpredictable and there is always room for improvement.

All in all, although Ukraine bid farewell to the 2024 European Cup, their performance is worthy of praise. At the same time, the Belgian team must improve its offensive capabilities during the game. Football continues to captivate fans around the world with its unpredictability and drama.

By Robin

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