Uruguay faced Colombia at Bank of America Stadium in an exciting Copa America semi-final. This high-stakes game had it all: drama, intensity and some laugh-out-loud moments. Let’s break down the action with a humorous twist and relive unforgettable moments from this epic encounter.

At the beginning of the game, both teams were eager to prove their authority. However, Colombia’s Jefferson Lerma stole the show in the 39th minute. Like a stealthy ninja, Lerma found a hole in Uruguay’s defense and scored a goal that had the Colombian fans dancing in the stands. His shots were as precise as a chef slicing sushi, leaving Uruguay’s goalkeeper struggling like a fish out of water.

Uruguay dominated possession, with 62% possession like a toddler holding a favorite toy. While their possession was impressive, they struggled to convert possession into goals. Their pass rate of 83% is as commendable as a student who gets consistent Bs—not bad, but not at the top of the class. They hit the Colombian goal with 11 shots, but unfortunately for them, the Colombian goalkeeper was like an octopus, blocking everything that came in his way.

Colombia, which had only 38% of the ball, adopted a classic counterattack strategy. Their passing accuracy was only 72 percent, reminiscent of a high school student trying to sneak in an assignment at the last minute. However, they tied Uruguay with 11 shots on goal, proving that sometimes, it’s not how much you have, but how you use it.

The game was quite intense, with Uruguay committing 11 fouls and Colombia committing 13 fouls. Both sides also received three yellow cards each, just like the children in the classroom who can’t stay out of trouble.

Uruguay has 4 corner kicks and Colombia has 3 corner kicks. Sadly, neither team was able to capitalize on these set-piece opportunities, leaving fans wondering if they had forgotten to practice their corner kick moves.

Who scored the winning goal in the semi-finals between Uruguay and Colombia?

Jefferson Lerma scored the winning goal for Colombia in the 39th minute.

What is Uruguay’s ball possession rate?

Uruguay controlled 62% of the ball.

How many shots on goal did each team have?

Uruguay and Colombia both had 11 shots on goal.

How many fouls were committed by both teams?

Uruguay committed 11 fouls and Colombia committed 13 fouls.

How many yellow cards were shown during the game?

Each team received 3 yellow cards.

The Copa America semi-final between Uruguay and Colombia was a classic battle of possession and counterattack. Despite possessing the ball, Uruguay was unable to break through Colombia’s stubborn defence. Jefferson Lerma’s goal proved to be the decisive moment of the game, helping Colombia win 1-0. This game proved how unpredictable football can be and statistics can sometimes only tell half the story. When fans look back on this game, they will remember excitement, nerves, and maybe a laugh at the missed opportunities and fiery fouls. Cheers to football – the beautiful, unpredictable and always fun game!

By Robin

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