The Copa America quarter-finals pitted Argentina against Ecuador at NRG Stadium in an exciting, tense and gripping drama. Despite a 1-1 draw in regular time, Argentina won the penalty shootout 4-2 to secure a spot in the semifinals. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights, key moments and exciting moments from this epic encounter.

The stats from this exciting game show just how evenly matched the two teams were. Argentina’s 51% ball possession rate and 82% passing accuracy rate are slightly ahead of Ecuador’s 49% ball possession rate and 81% passing accuracy rate. Both teams had a fair share of shots and set pieces. Argentina had 8 shots and 2 corner kicks, while Ecuador had 9 shots and 5 corner kicks. In this game, the physical confrontation between the two sides was very fierce. Argentina committed 13 fouls and received 2 yellow cards, while Ecuador committed 14 fouls and received 2 yellow cards.

In the 20th minute, Argentina’s Lisandro Martinez broke the deadlock with a wonderful goal to give Argentina the lead and the fans went crazy.
In the 35th minute, Ecuador launched a counterattack. Angel Mena’s powerful shot came close to leveling the score, but was brilliantly saved by Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez.
45th minute: At the end of the first half, Argentina leads 1-0, but the game is far from over. Ecuador has shown great resilience.

60th minute: Ecuador’s Kevin Rodriguez equalizes to reignite the game and set the stage for an exciting contest.
75th minute: Both teams have chances to take the lead. Argentina’s Messi hit the post and Ecuador’s Alan Minda made a great save.
90th minute: The game ended 1-1 and the game entered a tense penalty shootout.

Argentina penalty taker: Messi did not score, Julian Alvarez, Alexis McAllister, Gonzalez Montiel and Nicolas Otamendi all scored, Showing their composure under pressure.
Ecuador’s penalty kickers: Angel Mena, Alan Minda, John Yeboah and Jordi Caicedo took penalty kicks for Ecuador, but only Mena and Minda seized the opportunity.
The final result: Argentina won the penalty shootout 4-2 and advanced to the semi-finals, leaving Ecuador heartbroken.

Martinez’s goal: Lisandro Martinez’s early goal set the tone for a high-stakes game.
Rodriguez’s equalizing goal: Kevin Rodriguez’s equalizing goal was a testament to Ecuador’s fighting spirit.
Penalties: The penalty shootout ended in thrilling fashion as the Argentinian players mustered up the courage to seal the victory.

The game ended with cheers from Argentina and disappointment from Ecuador. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni praised his team’s resilience and composure. “The kids showed great character, especially in the penalty shootout. It feels great to make progress,” Scaloni said. Despite the defeat, Ecuador head coach Gustavo Alfaro expressed pride in his team’s performance. “We fought hard and showed great spirit. We will become stronger,” Alfaro said.

What was the final score of the match between Argentina and Ecuador?

The game ended 1-1 and Argentina won 4-2 on penalties.

Who scored in regular time?

Lisandro Martinez scored for Argentina and Kevin Rodriguez scored for Ecuador.

Where will the game be held?

The game is at NRG Stadium.

How did the penalty shootout end?

In the penalty shootout, Argentina won 4-2.

Who takes the penalty kick for Argentina?

Lionel Messi, Julian Alvarez, Alexis McAllister, Gonzalo Montiel and Nicolas Otamendi.

Who is the penalty kick taker for the Ecuador team?

Angel Mena, Alan Minda, John Yeboah and Jodi Caicedo.

The quarter-final match between Argentina and Ecuador at NRG Stadium was a classic Copa America showdown filled with passion, skill and drama. Although Ecuador fought hard and Kevin Rodriguez scored a crucial equalizer, Argentina’s composure in the penalty shootout ensured they progressed to the semi-finals. As the tournament progresses, fans can look forward to more exciting matches and unforgettable moments. Please continue to pay attention to various activities and keep the spirit of football alive!

By Robin

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